In today’s fast-paced environment, it is easy to feel stressed. Add to this, specific stressors whether at your job, school, or with your family/friends/partners and we have a recipe for feeling stuck, down and overwhelmed! While stress and worry are normal experiences, if not managed effectively, they may manifest in physical sensations (such as increased heart rate, sweating, flushness or a jittery/unsettled feeling), changes in mood, and may lead to difficulty with thinking, concentration, appetite and sleeping. Subsequently, they may impact the ability to problem-solve situations effectively, have meaningful interpersonal relationships, and impede the ability to complete necessary daily tasks.

Does this sound familiar? Whether this has been your experience for many years or you just recently began to feel this way, you may benefit from therapy. In my therapy work with clients, I use a Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy informed treatment approach. Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (often referred to as “CBT”) is an evidenced-based treatment approach which focuses on the interconnectedness of thoughts, feelings and behaviors. In my work with clients, general treatment incorporates:

  • Learning alternative ways of thinking and responding to situations
  • Identifying and regulating emotions
  • Understanding underlying beliefs and experiences that contribute to symptoms
  • Building coping and problem-solving skills

I work collaboratively with clients and provide them with a safe, supportive environment. I strongly believe in the power of therapy and know that change is possible and an important part of each of our lives.

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Stacey Dankner Lessans